Music and Mood


What is it about music that seems to set the mood/tone for any action or response to said stimuli?

I’d like to think it is the outward expression of ones emotional state of being at a given point in time.

For the sake of argument, I don’t think that advertisers would be very successful in selling their particular client’s  product, if the right music weren’t added to the presentation via, television or radio spots. For that matter, Movies and television shows rely heavily on composers to create  an auditory masterpiece that  will set the tone, express  a mood and will compliment an action sequence of their visual work of art.

More often than not, the music that is added to a trailer ( movie or otherwise),which will generate more interest and  more successfully than just the words or visuals alone. The consumer is savvy, either wittingly or otherwise to this point.

They are drawn to music.  For many individuals,  it is what makes their day, so to speak.

Some people need coffee, some tobacco to function on a daily basis. Speaking for myself, I crave music, It is natural for me to go on a ‘mood-music piece’, before I even put pen to paper…um well, fingers to keyboard. Whether or not I am selecting  something for a trailer or to get myself motivated to write a scene, music gets me  ready to work.

Some sites offer free royalty music for you to use in you productions, while others charge a nominal fee. Where others have epic pieces for movies. Here is a link to find out more.

where to find trailer music

Here is one example  Book Trailer with Trailerhead

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You and Love

What is it that moves you- gets you in the mood for love? Is it a song, a scene from a movie or situation in a novel you’ve been reading that have you staring in the lead role? Or could it be a fragrance, color or some celestial phenomena say, a waining or full moon in a starry sky that get you all goose-bumpy. Maybe it is the idea of getting caught in the rain with the one you love and huddle together in a barn which could lead to other things. yea those are nice fantasies.

I find that, for me, there is no set button that one can push, to “get me doe-eyed” of can send shivers down my arms. Although I am learning that I’m attracted to mental strength, and wit. Add in an arresting gaze–and that will catch my attention.

I think that is true for the majority of people–it is a combination of situation, location and circumstance . We all have our triggers, hat somtime send out senses, and or libidos into overdrive,  that is only human nature. To borrow a turn of phrase: “The Law of attraction”, certainly applies here.

It is true, though I’m new to the ideology, That while opposites attract, it is how you present “you”, ( how you view the world and your role in it, that has a major impact on what returns to you.

We’ve always heard, “You get back ,what you put in, You reap what you sow, What goes around comes around or even the phrase Karma is a B… well you get the idea. It is true, negativity breeds negativity. We have heard the sayings, Birds of a feather, flock together; and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I feel that if you are to truly be happy and loved, you need to do two things ( and I am talking to myself also) You have to love yourself, where you are,  and if you wish to “fix some area you have your “I’d rather-s”…then by all means do it. Love yourself. Find what makes you happy and try to focus on that. So when the nay sayers or dream stealer’s come you way…and they will, you will have your shield up to insulate yourself from things that will dampen you mood. Only when you are full of love for yourself, can you hope to share that with others tat will be drawn to you that also are like minded.

Now there will be posers that will come around, but your belief system so firmly in place,  that it will repel anything that is not for you in your life.

So in this segment, I want you to ask yourself, What is it that will make me happy? (internally) After you discover that is, ( that intrinsic iridescent pearl that gives you pleasure), I want you to hold on to that and remember what makes you special.

Many people have figured that out. Some have not. It is that inner peace, or joy that draws people, that you need or want in your life, that may say “Man, that guy is handsome or she is so pretty.” or “Wow they are so smart.” or successful. That is external praises, your true joy is that you are pleased with yourself.

So are we saying? What is it you want in your life? Love, peace, happiness or  a combination of all of the above– Inner happiness, confidence peace of mind?

What is it, you want to show to the world? What is beauty and truth in your life? What is it that makes you happy?  Hold on to it and others will see the attractiveness in you, because you have mad peace with yourself~ and it will draw the right types of people to you, that are best for your life

My pick for the week of what exemplifies love are these lovely older couples in love~ they have come to love themselves and in turn have the love that is meant for them.

Image     ImageImage