Music and Mood


What is it about music that seems to set the mood/tone for any action or response to said stimuli?

I’d like to think it is the outward expression of ones emotional state of being at a given point in time.

For the sake of argument, I don’t think that advertisers would be very successful in selling their particular client’s  product, if the right music weren’t added to the presentation via, television or radio spots. For that matter, Movies and television shows rely heavily on composers to create  an auditory masterpiece that  will set the tone, express  a mood and will compliment an action sequence of their visual work of art.

More often than not, the music that is added to a trailer ( movie or otherwise),which will generate more interest and  more successfully than just the words or visuals alone. The consumer is savvy, either wittingly or otherwise to this point.

They are drawn to music.  For many individuals,  it is what makes their day, so to speak.

Some people need coffee, some tobacco to function on a daily basis. Speaking for myself, I crave music, It is natural for me to go on a ‘mood-music piece’, before I even put pen to paper…um well, fingers to keyboard. Whether or not I am selecting  something for a trailer or to get myself motivated to write a scene, music gets me  ready to work.

Some sites offer free royalty music for you to use in you productions, while others charge a nominal fee. Where others have epic pieces for movies. Here is a link to find out more.

where to find trailer music

Here is one example  Book Trailer with Trailerhead

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