Parker, Parker, Parker….

Parker, Parker, Parker....

Parker Hurley, thee perfect male specimen.
Totally loving this man. His body, his allure, even when he is being silly for the camera, he is sheer perfection. He doesn’t pose for the lens he draws you in, seduces, and leaves you void of any emotion but desire. He has the”IT” factor. And Man…. he makes you want the “it” he has.


Well the day has finally arrived

BookCoverfrontensory overload

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the “coming out” party for my debut novella

Sensory Overload.

To celebrate, this month I am offering up my “baby: for free on Amazon for two weekends During the

Sizzling Sensory Overload, September Celebration.

September14th and 15th

and then again on

September 20th and 21st. I hope you will get a copy and teell your friends. you can also like my author page on


and follow me here and on Twitter,, /AreanaSFemlycan

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Wishing you the best for a scintillating September

Areana Senoj