NaNo Day 24

We are down to the wire, coming around the bend, in the final stretch of this horse race….

Well, that is what I feel like. I finally manned up to participate int the NaNo writing month. After initially embarking on this project with an entirely different genre in mine, I lost a few days.. okay four to be exact. So now I have to make up for lost time. I am now with eight days to go and 15k left to reach my goal…so

where am I now, other than losing my friggin mind, trying to find my focus, and still wear my many hats. I feel like the man in Caps For Sale Each day brings another challenge and more issues, like the man’s hats, they are piling up on me.

But then again, I’ve never been one to back down. Nor have I given my word and fail to finish the task at hand.

Well that being said. it’s one o’clock. let’s see what I can do by three. “I want  3k dog-gone-it!” She shrieked at her inner writer.

Hugs and kisses and parchment wishesImage