~Areana Senoj


All the makings of a either a good sexy read, or a What the fuck was I thinking last night, oopies; or it could be both when I woke up from my nap in the the head of the day.

That’s the way my muse usually comes-a-calling now-days. It seems to be her trend, that when my plate is full, when will drop by, (like we are going to have our nails done, as if were are ‘besties’), and lay some random weirdness for a storyline, as is she were pitching me an idea for a manuscript to a publishing house. Only problem is and there are several, one, I’m not and editor for a house, two she has not fully disclosed the ENTIRE story, only the premise and a few salacious tid-bits to entice me whilst I slumbered, and lastly, I REALLY do not have the time to do this. (WHINE)

Bloody-hell, why is this always like this? I could be rude, but she may get offended, and never visit me again. (Now mind you I am referring to my sub-conscious mind as IF she …it were an entirely different entity.) (Pause)


So what do I do. I GET MY ASS UP and write this idea down, and ANY pertinent details that might help me remember this story at a later date. Heaven knows it may prove useful later for heaven knows what

So why the rant and the title?

Well because I finally get to use the phrase that a friend told me I could borrow tweek and make my own when said bff for my female MAIN character refers to their first encounter to the MAIN male character

And after you see who was in my dream, you would say it too. He would make you think of sinning in the summer sun. Here is just an excerpt:


Brittany rounder the corner on the way back to the mechanic, listening to Meme go on and and about Derrick when all of a sudden–she ran smack into her. More than a little annoyed, Brittany was about to let some pretty choice words fly about not having time to mess around and how she need to just get the car and go, but she settled for a What-the… and was shushed before she she drop the f-bomb.

“Hold-up Me-me, I know you didn’t just Shush me…”

“Shhhh,” Meme hissed giving her the crazy-eye stare and jerk of her head

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Brittany whispered back, thinking Meme had lost it in the heat, or the three margarita she’s tossed back with only salsa and chips had finally hit her. “And why are we whispering?”


“Look over there, by you car…Not too fast. Slooooooly. Don’t be Captain Obvious.” Brittany shifted on her sensible heels and peeked past Meme’s poofy-doo to talk a look at what had obvious struck Meme, stupider than usual…and OMG

It was a second or two before she felt Meme’s finger under her chin, applying pressure, and realized her mouth had dropped open.

Their eyes locked and the smirk on Meme’s face was one that if she wasn’t guilt for ogling the guy and probably drooling, she would have loved to slap it right off

“Mmmm-hum.” was all she said

“What?” was all Brittany could think of retort. Meme raised an eyebrow.

“Girl please are we looking at the same man? What kind of denial cocktail were you sipping at lunch?”

“Shush, he saw us…”

They both turned and it was all Brittany could do to not wheeze watching the man walk… no scratch that, saunter yea… she always read that word in the romance books, but never quite thought she’d know what it looked like, till now. Fuuuuuck. The way his hips hips swayed in skin tight jeans was fluid motion, his gait sure, and oh my Lord in heaven as her eyes traveled up, the rest of him just as impressive.

His lean body was toned, his tee was stretched to bursting over his washboard abs and his outer shirt hung open. His eyes were dark blue and his stare held hers like a spiders’ web, tangling her up–and his smile oh yea, slow and oh so sexy, especially as he licked his lips and they moved. She felt a kick to her ribs, bring her back to the here and now. Shit, Epic fail

“I’m sorry, what?” Meme laughed and Brittany felt the face flush with embarrassment.”

“I said Hi…I’m Mark, Mark Latham, my gramps left me to fix your fan belt…”

Oh yea, Thanks, I’m Brittany Bernard and this is Meme..”

“Melanie Draper, hi…” she said nearly knocking Brittany over, “…nice to meet you. You new here in town?”

“No um actually I was born here, but my mom and I moved back east and well I was just coming back for a while to visit gramps for a while…” His backstory trailed off as he dropped Meme’s hand and looked back a Brittany. “Your car’s ready if you want to take a look, I’ll show you what’s been done.”

Meme and Brittany followed the Tall drink of southern comfort, back to Brittany’s car, but for the life of her Brittany could focus on but a few words at a time. Sure she knew cars, why the hell was it so hard to concentrate around this guy. Shit, it was like someone had removed her head full of reasoning and logic and stuck a raging horny nympho with freaking hearts and flowers dancing in her head. He bent over and there went her lucid moment Damn nice ass. WTF?

He look back


“What?” Meme said.

Oh shit she said that out loud. “Sorry bee,” She lied she fanned in front of her face and leaned over looking where he was pointing. Meme let out a snort and the eye exchange was a if you so even…warning, to which Meme, stifled the would be laugh immediately.

“You see here, this was worn out completely and needed to b replaced, it was just a matter of time and things would have really could have been ugly– you would not want this to over heat. Just so happens, Gramps has old cars so I just happens to have this in stock. She sure is a beauty,” he said wiping some of the oil smudges off with a cloth from his back pocket before stuffing it back. He leaned back and the girls did the same so he could put the hood back down with a slam. “You keeping her, right?”

“Yea, she belonged to my uncle, my auntie gave it to me after he passed on.”

“She’s a classic. Has a beautiful body, still the original paint job. Nice.” Brittany watched his hands caress her car and had the oddest sensation run along her spine. She wondered what his hand would feel like on a woman…on her. Instantly her nipples hardened her core clinched. She coughed.

“Yea she’s a keeper,” she said quickly. Trying to change the subject.

“I’d love to take her out for a drive–put her out on the rode, run her hard, see how she rolls.” Brittany flicked a glance at Meme, and she had the same expression as she did.

“I mean if you want me to work on her, I can, if you want me to…it would be a shame to have a 62′ Mustang like this and not make sure she is top condition…” Their eyes met for a second, and she could feel her blood pound in her ears.

“Um sure.. I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on her…” she started.

“Oh hell no, I don’t have anything to do right now, consider it a hobby till I head back home or whatever. Besides there is a car show in a few months, it would be cool as shit to enter your baby and see what would happen. What do you think? Yes, No?”

Again his Cool blue stare held her warm brown one. She swallowed and caved.

“Sure, okay, you sold me.” His smile was pure sin, the dimple in his cheek when he’d won, that damnable smirk, was lake a promise and a dare.

“Well let me get you run up and you are good to go, that will be $52.50, parts and labor.”

Brittany reached in the purse and forked of the cash.

“I’ll be back with you receipt he said and headed off to the repair-shop office.”

“Holy shit Brittany, what are you doing, making a love connection right here in the parking lot?”

“Shut up Meme, and I didn’t do anything, he was just talking— besides I’m sure it was purely academic you know just cars.”

“Um-hum, you’re kidding right?” She leaned over closer, keeping an eye on the door. “That man is hotter that two weasels fucking in a wool sock in the middle of August… and I might add, he’s feeling you in some kind of way. He’s throwing hints like a bad-ass kid with rocks at windows to an abandoned building and nothing else to do. And what’s with the “wanting to “take you to for a drive,” comment huh? Well its not just to feel the engine in your mustang.”

“Meme!” Brittany protested but she held up her hand.
“I’m not saying turn on the red light Roxanne, but you might want to at least take the blinders off your eyes and look at what he is throwing your way. Shit, I would.” Then she burst out laughing before brittany shushed her as Mark walked out.

“Here’s your receipt and gramps card, if you want to get in contact with me…about the car show, I put my cell on the back just in case.”

“Thanks Mark. I have a few projects on deck this week but I will give you a call um say next Wednesday?

Sounds good to me, I be looking for you call. He arched out his hand and shook Meme’s hand and then did the same to Brittany’s. Then instant their palms met, heat licked up her sleeve and straight to inside her bra. She tingled, and the look he gave her was a much surprise to him as it was to her. Yea he felt it too and she was not about to look down to his crotch to see if he was hard there as she was above. Smoothly disengaging her hand from his she gave a nod.
“Nice to have met you Mark.”
“Likewise, Brittany, see you soon.”

Brittany had to talk to herself all through the steps of how to crank her car, and back the fuck out of the Fast stop repair shop whiteout making a totally fool of herself. Once they were clear and the station was only a dot in the rear view, Meme let out a laugh that Brittany was thankful the windows were down, she was so hot from embarrassment and something else, she felt rivets of perspiration slid down her back arms and between her breast.

“Oh my dearest Brittany, honey, we are gonna have to help you, you have a man on you ass tighter than aunt Fanny’s girdle and your cousin Deirdre’s wedding; what you gonna do?”

Brittany tried to laugh with her bestie about the irony of this situation, trouble was, she had no damn clue what she was going to do with Mr Mark Latham




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