Man Candy Monday


Oh The time of Thanksgiving, is’t always turkey, dressing and that famous pumpkin soufflĂ©, for this edition of Man Candy Monday, falls during the week of Thanksgiving and “BOY DO I HAVE A REASON TO GIVE THANKS. it is a recently acquired crush well one could hardly call it a crush, after all one would have to follow someone well longer than a day, to fall into the “CRUSH” category, right?!?!?! well alright lets just say INSTANT LUST, then.
Here is today’s Pic for MAN-CANDY MONDAY, Landon Falgoust Photo Credits none other that Rick Day, Damn, IfI could only be that man’s assistant and work on some of his shoots….I swear… yea, I wouldn’t get a damn thing done and it would be a very short lived employment opportunity.
Until next time
Double kisses, and hot Guy wishes!