A New years Reflection: and a bit late

Well the new year  has begun with all its Winter Chills, Thrills, and SNOWS,

and yet we had time to read, Write and think what the up-coming year has in store.

We (me) why I am referring in third person or my as more that one, I have no idea; but i digress

It’s given (ME) time to reflect on what the past year was like

I’ve taken this time look at 2014 in a Hindsight 20-20 of all

the should-a- Could-a-

Would-a’s  of the performances, expectations, and desires of this year past.

in retrospect, I measured and only you can too)   if 2014 was not what we wanted it to be for whatever the reason, I /you, can  make this year brilliant in comparison to the lack-luster glow of 2014

I myself, have decided that what’er  distractions, troubles and excuses for 2014 not being stellar, were just that, in the past.

I’m coming out and publicly telling ( myself) that “No Excuses”  is the motto for me

To go ahead  and do more in writing; and while yes I did finish 2 novels I need to do more, Be more, Live more so.. yea`

I guess that’s my rant for (yea January-posting on February) late- snort

Alright I mean from February on

It took a trip to the islands to get my head on straight and prioritize my life.

~One has too when alone on the beach and in your head.~

And just decide that come hell or hight water ( which they both will anyway) continue to do my duty ( for me )to me

and press on no mater what.

In closing, I am reminded of a quote by Robert Frost and the photo and his words ring so very true.

To me it tells me a few things that I’d like to share.

1) You can’t get caught up in your own head about who, or what you want to be…or not. You have to get moving! Stagnation is death well not healthy- to the body, mind, spirit or your life.

It is ultimately up to you .

You  can be your Bff or your worst enemy.

I write this for all to read, but I am telling it to myself as well.

The only one that can limit you, is you, 

in regards to who you want to achieve in life.

As I’ve said before, you only get one chance around the park, so you better run like a when the back-door was left open.

Each day has its own set of troubles.

Yesterday is dead and gone, don’t  dwell on what’s happened

But see each day as  a new beginning,  a reboot for the soul

Thats why we have the sunrise,

and we must Rise and greet each day.

Just to recap:

*****Leave the worries behind, because they’ve already happened.

****Be happy with what you have done, but down stop there

**Push on, move forward

*Try to not muck-it-up


to think it to put it in ink ( or the laptop)

Go on now,

achieve your goal.


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