HELLO WORLD: Welcome to the wonderful world of areanasenoj.com

Hi Guys,

Sorry, its taken far too long between blogs–I know, I know inexcusable. But I have been working on not only getting the works in wait, out to you but have been working on two new stories, ONE is a series.

Okay before I go to far, let me tell you, where to read more about books two and three (stand-alone’s) and more updates about me. You can also leave comments about the excerpts you’ve read there as well, but always this is the place for the low down and all things decadent and devious.

My new site is Areanasenog.net and here is the link  areanasenoj.com

Here you can see and read about my books, what’s out and what’s coming soon as well as where to buy them.

I’d really like your input on what you think.


The new waters I’m venturing into Firstly are my M/M genre stories both paranormal, action and fantasy-fiction under my alter ego C.R.Ellis ( this may be finalized later and may just be me)


My Dom/Sub series will focus on the love and relationships of men, women and a combination of the two, in different love stories xxlVy ir dom sub

Lastly, are my Dark Tales, which evolve around Mysteries, Paranormals, Outer-world, and Furries

dark tales(tungsten)

Now you see what I’ve been up to I’ve been for a few months.

I will be, however, updating and posting my more erotic stories here as well as my continued musings.

Seeing you soon