Lessons Learned

As I grow as a writer, I’m learning, an author’s life is a delicate balance between one’s RL (real life) and the real work of World Building, (RWWB) to bring about a product that is both entertaining and titillating on a sliding scale of  Oh my.

Whether it is a YA book with dreams of syndication in its storyline, or a Sweet Romance that may have Hallmark stamped all over it, or a cult favorite drawing from fairy tales or mythological roots, or a modern Erotic Romance or darker shades in a kaleidoscope spectrum where gray is just the beginning.

Life’s lessons and the contacts/fellowship with other authors, writers, bloggers and lovers of the written word, are what fuels my fire. Connections such as these,   have renewed my desire and rekindled the embers grown cold with inactivity and immobility.

That being said, I am making another start to put out works completed, but dormant on CUPs of computers tucked away, or on flash-drives in dresser drawers of despondency and disillusionment. Yes it is time for action, yet I know there will be advances and stall-outs along the way, and I’ve come to the point of my life where I can no longer see that as a bad thing, but to make smaller goals rather than large, as I make my way, back to where I am confident once more. If I can do that, Then I think that I will be pleased with the small progress I make day by day.


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